Ethics Code and Complaint Procedure

The HTIA of the Americas Ethic Committee was established in 1995 and again reconstituted in 1997 to receive and investigate complaints against instructors judged against the HTIA code of Ethics that every associate and new instructor agrees to upon certification.

The Code of Professional Ethics reads as follows:

As Healing Tao Instructors we agree to:

  1. Respect Master Mantak Chia, the Healing Tao / Universal Tao teachings, other instructors, associates and practitioners, and all students in our words and actions.
  2. Be honest in representing our background and experience to students and the general public;
  3. Be clear when informing students about fees, conditions of the class, duration and expected results.
  4. Do no physical insult, verbal abuse or touch with sexual intent the body of any student under our professional influence. None of the Healing Tao practices require the student disrobing.
  5. Be scrupulous in maintaining the boundaries of the teacher-student relationship and be clear in our communications;
  6. Be accountable to our Healing Tao peers and cooperate with any complaint procedure.

What Happens if a Complaint is made:

Any one who has a complaint about another instructor or knows of some one who has been injured by an instructor in some way, should contact one of the members of the Ethics Committee. The Procedure for Making and Responding to Complaints can be explained to the person as part of the initial process so they can know what to expect. This is meant to insure confidentiality. A Complaint must be in writing to the Chair of the Ethics Committee by the injured person.

Three members (at least) are used in consultation about the complaint by the Chair. This process is meant to prevent or significantly diminish libel and slander by centralizing Complaints and avoiding such material being shared widely or hurtfully. Reputations and livelihoods can be adversely affected even if a spurious complaint begins a rumor. Investigation of a Complaint includes the complainant the instructor involved, and the Chair/consultative committee. Confidentiality is limited to these persons only. If the Complaint is found valid, then redress and resolution, in some cases reconciliation, is sought. If it not found valid, or outside our purview, then parties are notified, and all material is expunged after three months.