• Additional Rules

Additional Important Rules Regarding Retreat Season:

There are a few additional and important rules Regarding Retreat Season:

  1. If you wish to book your stay for a time period during a Master Chia retreat season (either summer or winter), and you are simultaneously NOT taking a course during this time, you must pay a NOMINAL FEE of $100/week.  It is only if you are also taking a course during the retreat season (or if it is not retreat season) that the first  week is free.
  2. In the event that you have to pay for your initial stay, as outlined in item #1, this payment must be made in advance of your trip to Tao Garden.  In particular, once you have been given confirmation from the HTIA condo representative that you may reserve the time, you must make your advance payment before the booking with Tao Garden will be finalized.
  3. To make such advance payments as indicated in item #2, you can pay:
  4. Via PayPal:  Send Payment to htia.dues@gmail.com
  5. Or via Check/Money Order:  

Send Payment to our current HTIA Treasurer:

Ji Hea Kim
399 Stratford Ct. #119
Del Mar, Ca 92014
  • In the case of PayPal payment, email confirmation to the HTIA condo representative will constitute receipt of payment.  In the case of mailed payment, email confirmation of payment receipt by the HTIA Treasurer will constitute receipt of payment.
  • After receipt of payment, the HTIA condo representative will book your room for you with Tao Garden.  Neither Tao Garden nor the HTIA wants you to reserve individually.  It is the HTIA condo representative that must do the reservation.
  • If you wish to stay beyond 1 weeks, then the rules and costs for week-by-week extensions apply as indicated above.  
  • If you are booking during a retreat season, regardless of whether you are taking a course or not, you must make your reservations with the HTIA condo representative at least 6 weeks before the start of the retreat season.  This includes those whose week-by-week extensions would cause them to overlap into a retreat season.
  • Members who book during retreat season but are also taking a course will be booked under the guidelines for first week free.
  • For people interested in taking courses and booking the condo, it is important to note that the condo is not in the complex where the darkroom retreats are held, so you can not book the condo if a darkroom retreat is your intention!

Rules and Terms of Stay:

  1. The HTIA Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse or terminate occupation of the condo for any reason.
  2. Members must be active dues-paying members to be eligible to book the condo.
  3. Members are responsible for the cost of their food, services, courses, and any other expenses.  These expenses will be charged independently by Tao Garden.  HTIA Members staying in the condo will receive a reduced rate for meals—see below.
  4. Reservation priority will be first given to those attending courses; otherwise priority is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. In the case of solo bookings, members have the right to refuse a roommate, i.e. double bookings.

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