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Total Number of Live Training Hours Needed:  210

In short, these training hours must consist of the 105 hours for Associate Instructor:  70 hours of Healing Tao Basics and 35 hours of Fusion; and then another 105 hours.  Upon completion of the 210 hours, you need to have taken:  Healing Tao Basics, Fusion 1-3, Iron Shirt 1, Tai Chi 1, and Healing Love.  Of these 210 hours, 70 hours must be taken with M. Chia.   In total, these 210 training hours can come from any combination of live retreats, workshops, private lessons, or weekly classes that are taught by Senior Instructors or Instructors.  Taped instruction is not applicable.  For purposes of counting hours, summer retreat weeks are counted as 35 hours and weekend workshops are counted as 14 hours.  Detailed steps for navigating the certification process are listed below.

Steps to become an Instructor:

If you are already an Associate Instructor, you need only submit a copy of your training record meeting the above requirements, and you will receive an automatic upgrade from the HTIA to Instructor.  No further testing is needed. Please pay a $50 upgrade fee to the HTIA.  You will receive an official HTIA certificate for Instructor.  It will be mailed to your home address if not completed by the time you leave your respective class.

If you are NOT already an Associate Instructor, simply complete the 210 hours and follow the instructions for becoming an Associate Instructor.  Make sure to alert those involved in the testing of your additional background and desire to test for Instructor directly.  If your retreat record is mistakenly deficient, you will be given the option to test for Associate Instructor and then later upgrade when you have fulfilled the necessary requirements.

We expect all Instructors to continue developing themselves!  In particular, we wish you train to get additional certifications which will allow you to teach more than the Microcosmic Orbit Set.  At the very least, we expect continuing education of at least 14 hours every two years (one weekend workshop).  If continuing education requirements are not met, you may be dropped off the active list of instructors.  However, we encourage you to actively work toward acquiring additional certifications.

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