• Extended Stays

Extended Stay

Extensions After Three Weeks for HTIA Dues-Paying Members:

At the start of your 3rd week, i.e. 7 days before the end of your three week stay, notify the HTIA condo representative of your desire to stay longer.

  1. You will be checked against a calendar of reservations to make sure that the condo is free during this time.
  2. If it is available for you, you can add a one-week extension to your stay.
  3. You then will need to pay a NOMINAL FEE for your stay (See below).
  4. To pay this fee, please send your payment to HTIA via PayPal.  The 

HTIA PayPal address is:   htia.dues@gmail.com

Nominal Fees:

  • Weeks Two through Four:  $100 per week
  • Weeks Five  through Nine:  $200 per week

Once you pay for the extra week, and send the email receipt to the HTIA condo representative, the HTIA condo representative will book the extra week for you.  Neither Tao Garden nor the HTIA wants you to reserve individually.  It is the HTIA condo representative that must do the reservation.

In this way, you may add week-by-week extensions for up to 3 months onto the length of your stay.

If you are on week-by-week extension, and other reservations occur, you will have 7 days warning before you must vacate the condo, so that other reservations can be fulfilled.