Steven Sy

1625 Woodbrook DR Apt 102, East Lansing 48823, Michigan


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With 10 years prior experience in Tai Chi, Steven began studying the methods of the Healing Tao in earnest in Fall 2006. In Summer of 2008, he became an Instructor. Steven has worked during the Healing Tao Summer Retreat Program as Bookstore Manager during 2008-2013. He has also taken private winter retreats to a hermit cabin during the years 2007-2013 in which time was spent doing qigong, meditation, and further study. Steven joined the Board of Directors of the HTIA in Dec 2012, became Vice-President of the HTIA in Jan 2013, and additionally Treasurer in Nov 2013. He served on the Board of Directors until Jan 2015. He currently manages the HTIA website and teaches Healing Tao coursework. Steven\'s Training Resume and other additional information can be located on his Healing Tao website given in the contact information.

  • Trained by Senior Instructor/Teacher:
  • Michael Winn, Master Mantak Chia, Marie Favorito, David Twicken, Karin Sörvik, Walter Kellenberger, and Minke de Vos
  • 1. Healing Tao:
  • [SI] Senior Instructor, 
  • [M] Microcosmic Orbit Set, 
  • [I1] Iron Shirt Qigong I, 
  • [I2] Iron Shirt Qigong II [tendons], 
  • [TY] Tao Yin, 
  • [F1] Fusion of the Five Elements I, 
  • [T1] Tai Chi Qigong I, 
  • [T2] Tai Chi Qigong II, 
  • [T3] Tai Chi Qigong III


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1625 Woodbrook DR Apt 102, East Lansing 48823, Michigan