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Universal Healing Tao & Medical Qigong in Brooklyn New York

My practice includes small weekly group classes in Qigong and embodied movement; regular in-depth courses in women’s sexual energy and other Tao practices; personalized private training to support deeper practice and healing; and mentoring and life path work using Taoist views and metaphysics.  And always my goal is to share these precious practices, methods and tools completely and clearly – ensuring that we are able to integrate them into our contemporary lives… and use them to grow and flourish even as we continue the tradition.

I am a Senior Instructor of the Universal Healing Tao, and the sole US instructor of TaoZen.  I hold a Masters of Medical Qigong degree (the energetic wing of Traditional Chinese Medicine).  My prior education is in visual art and I’ve been making installations and drawings and photographs for 25 years.


The Tao has guided me since I stumbled on a lecture by Alan Watts in a school gym in Munich years (and years!) ago. In the mid ‘90s, I started training in an obscure Japanese martial tradition, and a few years back I was granted the rank of Menkyo Okuden in that art. In 1997 I began investigating Taoism as an extension of my martial studies, and to help with chronic back pain. I was fortunate to find Masahiro Ouchi and Mantak Chia’s methods: the pain that resisted many therapies was gone in a few weeks. But more importantly, I had found a beautiful and profound practice tradition that supports me in my life.

  • Date of Birth:
  • 06/15/1955
  • Birth Time:
  • 1:45am
  • Place of Birth:
  • Kansas USA
  • Profession:
  • Artist. Tao Teacher
  • Trained by Senior Instructor/Teacher:
  • Masahiro Ouchi. Sharon Smith.
  • 1. Healing Tao:
  • [SI] Senior Instructor, 
  • [M] Microcosmic Orbit Set, 
  • [I1] Iron Shirt Qigong I, 
  • [T1] Tai Chi Qigong I

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