Best Friends Ever!

by Janette Nutis


I am in a foreign airport, after a very long and exhausting flight, waiting for my next flight to my final destination.

There is a two-hour delay, just one more incident to add to the list of unpleasant occurrences since I began my trip. I am hungry and tired, and mixed emotions are churning in my belly.  I finally find a place to seat, amidst this very crowded airport. I inhale deeply and, quite naturally, start to exhale with the ssssss sound. Since I began practicing the Six Healing Sounds, over twenty-two years ago, they have become quite automatic for me. 

I immediately feel the tension start to dissolve, and the turmoil in my gut starts to settle down. I look around me. People running up and down, busy, tense, and I appreciate yet one more time how fortunate I am to have this amazing tool to help myself. And I think to myself: “Why isn’t everybody doing this wonderful practice?!” 

Observing people is an innate pastime I have enjoyed since very early in life. I like people, I love people, and this love naturally led me to become a psychologist and later a psychoanalyst. As my thirst to learn about the psyche – the soul- was not totally clenched by this training, I went on looking for some kind of massage or body work. I found Chi Nei Tsang, and with it, the Inner Smile, and the Six Healing Sounds, and that is how the Tao found me. This is how I met and became passionate about the Healing Tao practice.

I cried in bliss when I smiled to my heart for the first time, but the Six Healing Sounds were the answer to my prayers. As I noticed the effects on my very strong emotional body, I felt compelled to share the practice with my patients, and so, even my professional practice as a psychotherapist was radically transformed. Throughout the years, as my practice evolves, I have had the most extraordinary experiences with the Healing Sounds alone. I find them the best and most direct bridge to connect thinking and feeling and to transform emotional energy in the moment. Healing Sounds connect you with your organs, and their spirits, and the associated colors, natural elements, and the planets... 

When I first learned the HS, this were just words, but as experience has shown me, it’s all very real. I remember especially one time I was walking down the cobble-stoned streets of a small Mexican town where dogs roamed freely in packs. I was walking my own dog, a beautiful German shepherd, king among the other dogs. A group of about four or five dogs were laying on our path, and as soon as they saw Socrates, they began to bark very loudly. 

My lower back froze instantly, as I watched the dogs snarling but backing down and crawling backwards to hide beneath the station wagon parked just behind.  Socrates didn’t dignify the other dogs’ bravado with even a snarl, but the fright which had frozen my kidneys was still there, shaking me.

As I continued to walk up the street, I began quite instinctively to exhale with the Chiuuu sound. After a few deep breaths, I suddenly felt the energy of Mercury washing through my kidneys. It was a very clear connection with the planet as a conscious being, and my fear was transformed into a very gentle and soft energy of wisdom.

This is just one of the many gifts and treasures I have been blessed with through the Taoist practice. Not only my personal health, but that of my patients and students has been richly enhanced by this very simple yet profoundly effective practice.  I do Healing Sounds in the morning, while driving in the highway or in the middle of horrible traffic, before cooking or after an intense session with a patient, I even do them very softly while listening to my patients. I do them all the time, and the more I do them, the more I like them and discover new depths. 

The Six Healing Sounds are the best friends ever, so why isn’t everybody doing them?!!

Janette Nutis
Senior Instructor