First Aid Fusion

by Saumya Comer


“Sure, no problem, I can drive myself home” I convincingly assured the nurse after a 3 hour intense and painful dental procedure. I felt beat up and abused but still confident I could make it all the way home.

But half way home the pain shot through my head and ignited my mouth and face. I desperately began reaching for anything in the car that looked like it might be a little cold to offer some relief to my throbbing face. At the same time the traffic slowed down to a crawl and then stopped all together. The news was that there was an accident up ahead and we were in for a long wait. I was running out of cold objects and quickly realized that without ice or aspirin I was going to have to get resourceful.

I mentally went through my Chi Kung tool kit and thought of the Fusion practice. After all, at that moment my mouth was full of undesirable toxins, excessive heat and injury. I needed to transform this bad energy asap. I remembered that the mouth was connected to the spleen and stomach and I began to make the preparations for Fusion. 

I started with making the Paquas, front, back, right side, left side. I invited the forces of nature to pour in and create a vortex of super charged alchemical energy. I smiled and said hello to my spleen and then to my mouth, feeling the overlay of confused and painful energy residing there. I then found the energetic current between my mouth and spleen and guided the painful energy in my mouth to flow down this current to my spleen. I made contact with the spleenʼs collection center and continued guiding the pain energy all the way to the collection point over the pakua.

Now it was time for the alchemical transformation. I redirected my attention to my pakua and felt the fresh pure energies flowing in and intensifying. The vortex pulled in the pain energy from the spleenʼs collection point and walla!, the energy recycling began.

To my delighted surprise the pain in my face and mouth began to subside. As long as I kept my intention strong and focus unwavering the pain continued to melt away but when I let my mind wander the pain would take control again. I realized that I needed to stay in a deep meditative state until all the pain was drained and transformed.

Just at the time I felt my body settle into a peaceful balance the traffic began to move. I thought to myself, well, that was amazing, thank you Taoist sages, thank you Master Chia, thank you traffic jam, thank you pain, I just learned a whole lot! As my car passed by the two drivers standing by the side of the road I sent them some of my newly transformed pure light chi energy to help them on their way.