Healing Tao System


The Healing Tao system is a total Body-Mind-Spiritual practice. It was created 30 years ago by Master Mantak Chia when he was in the US. This system is the result of his desire to share ancient Taoist knowledge with westerners. Even though it may look complicated, it is actually pretty simple if you learn the practices step-by-step. It is more important to practice--and to find enjoyment while doing it--than to try constantly to learn more and more.

Basic Practices

The Practice of Being Present

To be fully present in the "now", Taoists empty themselves of concerns . . . releasing thoughts and emotions. The past and the future serve only to distract oneself from the ultimate goal of residing in the Tao--a place of greatest energy and peace.

Transform Stress into Vitality
Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds

These energy transforming exercises are simple and only take 20 minutes a day to practice. Nonetheless they have powerful and long-lasting effects. In the Inner Smile, we smile to our organs; the Six Healing Sounds help to release stagnant energy and negative emotions. The result of both of these practices is to return the body to a state of balance and harmony.

Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

Opening the Microcosmic Orbit is the ancient foundation for healing, martial arts, and the practice of being present. This meditation allows energy from the navel center to flow up the spine, to the head, and returning down the front of the chest back to its origin. When energy circulates through this orbit, it unifies the physical, emotional, and spiritual centers. By being present and releasing all resistance to this natural flow, we achieve rejuvenation, longevity, and healing.

Fusion of the Five Elements I

In this practice of Taoist Internal Alchemy, we learn to neutralize the negative emotions of worry, sadness, arrogance, anger and fear. We turn these back into pure energy by locating the sources of these negative emotions in the bodily organs and then neutralize them in pairs. This purified energy is crystallized into a radiant energy pearl within our lower dantian. This pearl is then circulated through the Microcosmic Orbit, which attracts additional qi from heaven, earth, and the cosmos. This formation and circulation of the pearl plays a pivotal role in the nourishment of the soul or energy body.

Fusion of the Five Elements II

Fusion II practice uses the crystallized energy of the pearl to nourish the positive emotions--the virtues of kindness, joy, fairness, courage, and gentleness--as a natural expression of inner balance. This virtue energy is then condensed into a pearl of compassion. This pearl is then used to open the Thrusting Channels in the core of the body. In addition, the pearl is directed to open the Belt Channels--these encircle and protect the nine major energy centers of the body.

Fusion of the Five Elements III

Fusion III practice completes the cleansing and opening of the remaining channels in the Eight Extraordinary Channel system, namely the Yin Bridge, Yang Bridge, Yin Regulator, and Yang Regulator Channels. We then open up the Macrocosmic Orbit, which is an extension of the Microcosmic Orbit to the whole body. This leads to working with the auric field and the energy body through a variety of cutting, cleaning, strengthening, and sealing meditations.

Qigong for the Physical Body and Grounding

Tao Yin (Taoist Yoga)

Tao Yin exercises help your internal life force--or qi--to circulate more freely. This refreshes, attunes, adjusts, and regenerates your personal energy. All the Tao Yin movements are based on ancient spiritual development. These Taoist Yoga floor postures stretch the difficult-to-reach psoas muscle, calm the mind, open energy channels, and relieve stress. An important aspect of Tao Yin is that it has alternating phases of activity and relaxation. During the relaxation phase, you can learn to feel and gently guide the flow of qi to specific areas of your body. With "full body breathing" you can absorb energy from the air--opening each cell to the fresh vitality of the universal force. This practice helps to mobilize stagnant energy.

Iron Shirt Qigong I

Powerful internal and external qigong practices for use in the martial arts, in healing, and in meditation. Iron Shirt 1 helps to develop a flexible, "steel-like" body by working with rooted standing meditation postures.  These postures are the most effective way to ground your energy and stabilize your emotional body.  Physically, they work to strengthen the fascia (connective tissue) which, in turn, protects the internal organs.  The postures also help to benefit the tendons, ligaments, joints, and bones (which are more extensively covered in the higher levels of Iron Shirt).  In total, the standing postures and moving qigong techniques of Iron Shirt 1 create extraordinary health, strength, and vitality. 

Iron Shirt Qigong II: Changing the Tendons

In this second level of Iron Shirt, we work with a set of eight moving exercises that work directly on the tendon system.  While muscular strength tends to diminish through aging, changing the tendons tends to be more long-lasting.  Having strong, resilent tendons is the key to quickness, agility, and power in martial arts.  However, at the same time, tendon power and flexibility is a symbol for youth and vitality.  Consequently, these qigong exercises are a vital component of health and longevity.

Iron Shirt Qigong III: Bone Marrow Neigong

In the third level of Iron Shirt, you learn how to cleanse and grow the bone marrow. We regenerate sexual hormones and store them in the connective tissue, tendons, and marrow. We also learn how to direct this internal power to the higher energy centers. This level of Iron Shirt works directly on your organs, bones, and tendons to strengthen your entire system beyond its ordinary capacity. By an extremely efficient method of vibrating the internal organs, we can shake out toxic deposits, and thereby enhance qi circulation. This once highly secret method of advanced Iron Shirt (also known as the Golden Bell System) draws the energy produced in the reproductive system into the higher energy centers. This allows us to carry out advanced Taoist practices. Iron Shirt Qigong is one of the five essential branches of Taoist Esoteric practice.

Tai Chi Qigong I

This Tai Chi form consists of a sequence of thirteen movements. This practice develops strength, continuity, and the ability to move in all directions. The main emphasis is on structure, alignment, and the ability to move as one unit. Tai Chi is the art of effortless power and is a moving meditation. We emphasize posture, good alignment, correct movement, connection to the ground, and internal energy structure. The benefits include enhanced physical health, strength, and longevity.

Tai Chi Qigong II: Fast Form

In Tai Chi II, we learn a rare fast-moving version of Tai Chi. This form allows one to activate the cardiovascular system through fast-moving, but fluid, Tai Chi movements. This also provides an opportunity for martial artists to practice "Tai Chi in action" and develops the ability to perform "Fa Jin" (which is the discharge of energy).

Tai Chi Qigong III: Tendon Form

In Tai Chi III, we learn a medium-paced Tai Chi form that opens up a whole new dimension by releasing the vertical constraint of the movement of the upper body. This form involves a lot of twisting, turning, and spiraling; it incorporates gentle tendon stretches.  By doing this form, we improve the health of the tendons and psoas.

Taoist Sexology
Taoist Secrets of Love
Healing Love Through the Tao

Sexuality is an integral part of the Taoist spiritual practice. The more we understand about the Tao of Sexology, the healthier the body and the emotions will be. The transformation of sexual energy into healing will help relationships by evolving them: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Learning these secrets of managing male and female sexual energy can improve sexual performance and relieve tension. The practices can help improve menstrual, menopausal, and hormonal conditions. Breast massage--traditionally called "Deer exercise"--changes the hormones of the practitioner if done daily. By stimulating the breasts and simultaneously squeezing the vagina, a woman activates the natural production of estrogen. The fact that estrogen is produced naturally is very important. The body knows what amount of estrogen it needs at any given time. For men, it provides a mechanism to enhance vitality by stopping the loss of jing that occurs through ejaculation.  Practices can be done alone and/or with a partner.

Chi Nei Tsang - Hands on Healing

Healing Self-Massage

Through simple yet powerful massage techniques, we utilize our energy to strengthen the body and its internal connections. Combining massage with the energy of one's awareness helps to dissolve the resistance which contributes to the aging process of stress and disease. This practice strengthens the internal organs; it improves our senses and awareness.

Chi Nei Tsang I

A powerful hands-on healing technique that utilizes the five major systems of the body: vascular, lymphatic, nervous, muscular, and chi. These systems are connected to the abdominal center, where unreleased stress and tension may cause obstructions. Through simple manipulations of the abdominal area, we can release physical, emotional, and mental resistance that can cause illness. Learn Five Element body diagnosis and how to transmit healing energy to others without depleting one's energy. This powerful practice is long-lasting and can be used for self-healing.

Chi Nei Tsang II

Chi Nei Tsang II works primarily with the opening and releasing of "winds" trapped energy within the body. These winds can weaken the nervous system and the internal organs, and disturb emotional energy. Releasing this resistance within the body can help reestablish the mind's clarity and our natural state of good health. The body regains its equilibrium and intrinsic strength.

Higher Formulas

Master Chia received his transmission from a Taoist Hermit named One Cloud. One Cloud's Seven Alchemy Formulas to Achieve the True Immortal Self are similar to those mentioned in thousand year old texts known as the Tao Canon (1160 books that gather all the Taoist Knowledge). These formulas are attributed to Lu Dong Bin, one of China's revered Eight Immortals. The core methods themselves are undoubtedly thousands of years older, passed down by strict oral transmission and held in deepest secrecy. It took many generations of masters to refine the great spiritual truths into seven practical alchemical stages. These Seven Formulas are the spiritual crown jewels of Chinese civilization.

One Cloud's Taoist Water and Fire approach translates into the liberation of the spirit hidden within matter-body, and the rebirthing of deep earth consciousness. It is the feminine discovering that yang fire is its true inner nature.

The Taoist concept of immortality does not mean you live physically forever. Immortality means you achieve spiritual integration of your authentic self (zhenren).

Your authentic Self is immortal because it has the power to survive the transition of physical death and continues its life in higher dimensions. This process requires integrating the physical body's sexual essence (jing), the energy body (qi), and the spirit body (shen) into a functional state of total openness (wu) to the multi-dimensionality of the present moment. The spiritual power of manifestation hidden within the sexual essence is most critical to cultivating what is known as a "golden light body" or the authentic immortal Self. Without the sexual essence being properly cultivated, the crystallization of one's spirit does not occur.

Lesser Kan and Li (water and fire)

Inner Sexual Alchemy, or Lesser Enlightenment of Water & Fire, is the Taoist Hermit One Cloud's 2nd formula for attaining immortality. This "water and fire" meditation formula is the very core of Taoist alchemy - the inner smile, orbit, healing sounds, healing love and fusion of the 5 elements are all purification stage leading up to this practice. Their love-making in our central channel releases a blissful "steam" of Original Qi (unconditional love) that dissolves our old physical body and personality. This process repairs vital organ, gland, spine, nerve, lymph and meridian systems, and births an "immortal embryo" or light body.

Greater Kan and Li

Expands "water and fire" formula to dissolve boundaries between our skin and the world. Learn to talk to the Earth's energy body, tone Spirits of the Five Directions, break thru fear of the dark side and assist earth changes. We'll learn to Absorb and couple Sun and Moon power in the solar plexus cauldron.

Greatest Kan and Li

This fourth Water & Fire practice integrates the 5 body spirit-essences of the personal self and the 5 planetary forces of the collective Solar system Self (symbolized by the Sun) in the middle cauldron at the heart. This is "living astrology", in which cosmic forces are interiorized inside the body, where they continue to function through planetary tones (music of the spheres). The process of interiorizing the inner light of the Sun (in the western esoteric tradition known as Christos or Solar Logos) and its 9 Celestial Soul Rays first involves making friends with the planetary spirit of Saturn. Saturn is the "Yellow Emperor", the ruler of the earth element, the core unity of living matter and controller of the astrological-soul forces that shape all human manifestation. Successful practice removes all fear of death and dissolves deep karmic patterns of resistance, revenge, and struggle that plague humanity. This allows us to clearly receive and transmit our inner heart's solar logos or Way of knowing, a profound maturation of our Inner Sage or Immortal Self.

Star Alchemy, or Sealing of the Five Senses.

This unifies the five shen, the five streams of personal consciousness that operate through our senses, with the five forces of the collective Stellar Self. The body of our stellar mind can be viewed in the four quadrants of fixed stars in the night sky, originally symbolized by heraldic animals (Black Turtle, Red Phoenix, Green Dragon, White Tiger).

The fifth, the quintessence, is the Purple Pole Star in the center of the sky, with the Great Bear of the Big Dipper marking the progression of the seasons as its handles rotates like the arm of a cosmic clock. These personal and stellar essences are fused in the upper dantian, the cauldron in the head. This is the process of our Inner Sage attaining the stellar logos, celestial level of immortality.

The pure open space connecting the three cauldrons is integrated. This stabilizes the celestial axis and activates what Lao Tzu calls the "Great Tone". Profound peace and different spiritual qualities continuously manifest from this activated core and radiate sonically into our physical becoming. Our soul pattern expands its conscious destiny to include dimensions of life beyond the physical plane.

Heaven and Earth Alchemy, or the Congress of Heaven and Earth

This practice integrates the Early Heaven or formless Self with the Later Heaven (Earth) physical Self. The Self here identifies itself here with two dimensions that co-exist and co-create: the "formless form" of our being and the "substantial form" of our becoming. These two polar dimensions of our greater Self engage in cosmic sex. They couple in order to re-open the portal to their Original state, or "Pre-Self". This pre-state or Primordial Heaven is called hundun, the primal chaos-unity that preceded the "big bang" of the cosmic egg cracking open.

The Three Originals (san yuan) of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity are gathered in the three body cauldrons as original jing, original qi, and original shen. This three-tone harmonic chord is resonated with the fundamental or original tone of time and space. Consciousness then stabilizes in the axial center where our true multi-dimensional nature can now be embodied. This is symbolized by a tonal double vortex spinning faster than the speed of light within the void of space. Into this is fused our inner sage's immortal presence, the quintessence of humanity meditating in the center of a cosmic torus (spiritual black hole). We must enter this portal to complete our journey of Return to the Origin.

Union of Human and Tao

This stage is the integration of the six previous levels of consciousness into the experience of living simultaneously in the present moment in all dimensions, from physical linear time to spirit's eternal time. This state cannot be fully known or defined conceptually for others. From my limited glimpse of it I would say it is the experience of living fully in the wuji, the Supreme Unknown -- which I define as the godhead without a ruling god.

This is the true achievement of the authentic or Immortal Self, a permanent state of grace known as wu wei, "effortless action", or "spontaneous action without acting". Creation (of the manifest) and Return to Formless Origin seamlessly complete each other. This seventh level is spontaneous, and happens when the inner will of our immortal sage within has reached complete alignment with the Tao.