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New HTIA Website

Dear HTIA Community,

It is with great pleasure for me to make the following announcement:
The HTIA has a brand-new website, located at our same address as before:

Our old website had not been working well for quite some time, had been prone to sending out strange error messages to members, and ultimately was not very responsive to our needs.  

Many months of planning and effort have gone into this new website.  I myself have spent several hours each day working on it for the past 3 months in coordination with our star website designer Jack Bracewell.  Jack has put in many long days writing the back-end code that makes the site function.  Without him, we would not have this website today.  Thank you Jack!  I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Karin Sörvik and Janette Nutis who spent many hours of their own time translating the articles on the new site into Spanish.


Let me now summarize all of the new features of our website:

  • Completely new web design with modern look-and-feel
  • Ability of instructors to advertise their workshops/retreats/events in our new Events section
  • Information about our HTIA condo at Tao Garden in our new Condo section
  • Ability to post articles, have discussions, ask questions, and interact in our new Forum section
  • More versatile directory listing:  upload up to 9 photos to your listing and even a YouTube clip!
  • More robust search features:  be able to search for all instructors with a given certification type
  • Ability to sign up for our HTIA newsletter on the website (even non-members can sign up)
  • HTML5 compatible and viewable on smart phones
  • New spam-bot protection features to prevent spammers from harvesting email addresses
  • Our website now has a link to our HTIA Facebook page
  • Our website can now be viewed in either English or Spanish

Note:  I have sent this email to all members, past and present, so if your dues have expired and you are no longer a member, we would love to have you rejoin our community.  The current annual renewal rate is just $45.


Benefits of being an active dues-paying HTIA member:

  • Have a directory listing:  have up to 9 photos, YouTube clip, link to your website, list of your certifications, biography, contact information, and more
  • Be easily found by potential students wanting an Instructor
  • HTIA directory is on page one in Google for search terms:  Healing Tao
  • Be able to use our HTIA condo at Tao Garden for 3 weeks free annually (some restrictions)
  • Be able to add your workshops/retreats/events to our Events calendar
I hope you are as thrilled with our new website as I am.
Won't you take a minute to check it out and perhaps update your listing?
Our website address again is:

Warm wishes and smiling qi,

Steven Sy
HTIA Website Committee
VP and Treasurer of HTIA Board of Directors

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