HTIA Newsletter 10-30-2014

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Dear HTIA Community,

Unfortunately, some members did not receive our two previous newsletters.  In many cases, the newsletter ended up in the recipient's Spam folder.  Please "whitelist" the email address in your email system to guarantee delivery to your INBOX.  In any case, I wish to inform you that you may read any of our old newsletters directly by simply going to our webpage, and subsequently clicking on Newsletters underneath our Home Tab.

In particular, there was an important Newsletter that was sent out on October 22 by the Nominating Committee of the HTIA.  The letter was an open invitation to members of the HTIA community to apply to the HTIA Board of Directors.  Please check your email for this, or at the very least, check out the newsletter on our webpage.  Over the coming days and weeks, the Nominating Committee will very likely resend this letter to you a couple of times in anticipation of the application deadline of December 17, 2014.


Events Scheduling

Our website now has the ability for HTIA members to schedule their own workshops, retreats, and events, and publish this information DIRECTLY onto the HTIA website.  This is an excellent way for our members to advertise their workshops.

To schedule any event, please login to your account.  Under the Events Tab, a new set of choices will appear (only visible to our membership).  These choices will allow you to add an event to our event calendar. 

I have included a step-by-step set of instructions that detail how to add your event.  Please visit the article How to Add an Event under the Events Tab (after you login).

Warm wishes and smiling qi,

Steven Sy
HTIA Website Committee
VP and Treasurer of HTIA Board of Directors
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