HTIA Newsletter 11-20-2014

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New Website Search Capability

Dear HTIA Community,

I have just added a new search capability to our HTIA website  Now you can search listings by location!  Have you ever had the question, or have any of your students had the question: "I live in such-and-so place.  What Healing Tao Instructors are near me?"  Now this question can be answered easily!

Simply go to the "Directory" tab.  Click "Search".  Scroll down to the bottom where you see "From Location".  You can type in a location and hit the magnifying glass OR use the "Locate Me" feature.  After you do this, it will bring up a "geomap" of this address.

Now simply go back to the top of the screen and click the GREEN "Start Search" button.  If you then simply scroll back down below the map, you will see a list of all the instructors in order by distance from your location.

In my opinion, this is a feature we have needed for a long time, and it is my pleasure to have this feature available on our website.

Easier Website Renewal

There have been some people who have had some difficulty finding where to go on the website to renew HTIA dues.  Jack and I have put this in a more obvious location.  If you simply log in to your account on the HTIA website and click "My Account", the renewal option is right there.

Newsletter Archive

Did you miss a newsletter?  We archive all of our newsletters and put them on our website in case you misplaced one.  To see any of these old newsletters, simply click on the "Home" tab on our website, and they are all under "Newsletters".  Our website is:

Apply to be on the New HTIA Board of Directors

There was a letter that was sent out last month inviting people to join the HTIA Board of Directors.  It is posted on the website under "Newsletters".  If you have misplaced this letter, please see the newsletter from 10-22-2014, located on our webpage:

I will also resend a copy of this newsletter subsequently (in this next hour), so please look for it.  Remember to "whitelist", should it arrive in a Spam folder.

Warm wishes and smiling qi,

Steven Sy
HTIA Website Committee
VP and Treasurer of HTIA Board of Directors
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