Candidates for the HTIA Board 2015

To all active members of the HTIA:

The HTIA Board is pleased to announce the list of candidates for the upcoming HTIA Board Elections.  Please look them over carefully.  The HTIA Board will announce the instructions for the voting procedure soon.

Steven Peterson - Chapel Hill, NC USA

Qi gong has been a real force in my life for the past 10 years.  I started teaching about seven years ago and currently have a bi-weekly workshop open to anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals.  Before that, I practiced and taught martial arts for about 30 years.  I would serve on the HTIA Board -- to help it become a resource for current and future instructors.  The skills I can bring to the job are good organizational skills, good technical skills, and the ability to work in an environment of consensus.  I worked for a number of years as a product manager in a fortune 500 publishing company, I have worked as an instructional designer, a programmer, and for the past 18 years I have managed my own internet services company.

Mary Beth Soares - Mattapoisett MA USA

I began Tai Chi studies in 1983. Soon after I came across Master Chia's book 'Awaken the Healing Energy'.  When I attended his workshop in Cohasset I had a 'mideye opening' experience and was hooked.  I began studies with John L & Susan McM and went to taichi week the following summer.  I immediately knew I wanted to teach and spent the next 3 weeks working for the Chias to prepay part of my upcoming teacher training. I continued working and studying and attend Master Chia's workshops every year in Boston.  When I felt I needed deeper understanding of the 5 elements  turned into a degree in acupuncture.  The practice has given me so much throughout the good and the challenging times of my life that I'd like to do more in giving back.  I have been involved in many organizations as coordinator and volunteer. I enjoy the challenge of creating change and growth.  I'd like to see more communication with all members of the association.  I envision the association becoming a vibrant cohesive resource.

Jill Rowland - Austin, TX USA

It’s been 2 years now that I become a HTIA instructor.  The level of progress I have made with my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development is remarkable and I am confident at this point in saying I will be a life time daily cultivator of this material.  I have a fairly extensive background in business, psychology, nutrition, medicine which will enable me to be of assistance to the board which I want to see flourish along with the entire organization.  My vision is to hopefully increase the visibility of this organization such that others know what we offer because I see many yoga/meditative lineages who seem to have more public exposure with far less to offer than the HTIA .

Caryn Diel - Santa Fe, NM   USA

I am a Senior Instructor of Chi Nei Tsang and the founder of White Cloud Institute in Santa Fe, NM.  I continue to study, teach, practice and appreciate the depth of Healing Tao lineage.  I would like to see Healing Tao practices made available to all ages in a way that supports human  evolution at this time on the planet by teaching the practices in practical and simple formats.

Anika Francis - Atlanta, GA USA

I believe we have the power to heal and transform ourselves with the right information and the right practices.  For me - the right practices are transformative practices like qi gong that cultivate mindfulness, build internal energy, clear negative emotions, empower people, and create a sense of connection. This is what has kept me practicing qi gong and inspired me to teach it to others.  When I first applied to be a HTIA instructor, there were no other instructors in Georgia where I live.  I want to be on the board because I would like to change this by helping to promote the Healing Tao so more people know about the benefits of the Healing Tao.  I have a M.Ed. in Instructional Design I design learning programs, e-learning, and training materials.  My vision is that the HTIA Board would spearhead initiatives to promote the Healing Tao more widely, provide more support and resources for instructors, and build a thriving HTIA community.

Kazzrie Jaxen - Callicoon, NY USA

A pianist and singer since childhood, I began studying Tai Chi and Qigong in my 30's as a way to ground my creative energy.  My desire to become a jazz improviser had arisen from a deep desire to align with creation.  Music and qigong became two streams, flowing into one river. The surprise has been how powerful the experience of teaching has been for me. It has deepened my own practice, and my life, in ways I could never have anticipated.  My strengths are creativity, play, a sense of humor with regards to the ever-changing universe, and to explore the group dynamic with fellow chi-friends in this era of a paradigm shift from competition to cooperation.  I envision an organization that embodies the essence of "flowing with the Tao" and "dancing with the Chi" All of my qigong teachers have encouraged and modeled creativity, supporting the evolution of the art of qigong in the modern world, and I would support that vision for Healing Tao.

Ji Hea Kim - San Diego, CA USA

I have trained through numerous week long retreat programs and workshops throughout the US and at Tao Garden.  I received personal instruction on all levels of Healing Tao up through Lesser Kan& Li.  The practice of ancient Taoist methods, specifically through the Healing Tao, have been profoundly empowering in my own life and the lives of those that I have had the pleasure of sharing it with.  I want to serve the organization in any way I can.  My creativity and resourcefulness are strengths that I will bring to expanding the outreach of the Healing Tao. I am an active community member and have been a professional Holistic Health Practitioner for the past ten years. I see the Board as a chance to further spread Taoist wisdom.

Michele Collins Vergara - Winston Salem, NC USA

I have taken every level of inner alchemy twice and I find the totality of this system to be one of the most valuable practices I have ever encountered. I am clinical herbalist who has been in practice for over 10 years.  One of my favorite parts of living in China were my near daily visits to the local Taoist temple, Qing Yang Gong to meditate and practice qi gong in the courtyard of TouMu's temple spaceI deeply value the Healing Tao community . I met my husband, Andres Vergara, at a Star Alchemy retreat.  We were married by Michael Winn in a Taoist ceremony in May of 2012.  I have a lot of practical skills including bookkeeping, website maintenance, writing, research, evaluation design and interviewing skills.  I am good at planning, particularly at integrating the big picture into the detail level steps needed to accomplish objectives.  I would like to see the availability and accessibility of these teachings expand in the US and explore how the Board can facilitate that.

Andres Vergara – Elkin/Winston Salem NC  USA

I first discovered tai chi and yoga in college about 14 years ago. After many years of self study, I started taking classes andam currently certified through Lesser Kan and Li.   In addition I am a Diplomate of Oriental medicine, have a chinese medicine practice in Winston Salem NC.  I have written numerous articles in the Natural Triad and have been published in the peer reviewed Journal of the American Herbalist Guild, and co-hosted, along with Michele Collins Vergara, the internet radio show Holistic Healing with Herbs and Chinese Medicine.  I want to deepen the general public's awareness and knowledge of the Tao and to reach more people of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.  My parents are from Colombia and I am a Spanish speaker which I think also opens up further demographic options in teaching and spreading the Tao.

Karin Sörvik - San Luis, Argentina/ New York,  NY USA

I'm a Senior Instructor and Senior CNT Teacher.  I've been involved with the Healing Tao since 1998 when I invited Senior Instructor Ron Diana to Argentina to spread the teachings.  I came to the US to further my practice and instead of being a summer exchange ended up in moving to the US and serving the HTIA for 9 years. I'm ready to return and help the HTIA become stronger and more represented through the Americas, something that I promised back when I was on the Board 2000-2003.  I'm also a member of the Council of 9 with the Universal Tao Foundation and Continental coordinator for Latin America.  I want to be a liaison between these two organizations so we can grow together in mutual harmony and support.  The skill I bring, after co-producing and storytelling the "How it All Began" documentary of the origins of the Healing Tao System is the understanding of its history and lineage as well as the need to keep it alive for future generations.  I speak Spanish so I can help with communication, mentorship with the Spanish speaking community, countries and known to the general public.

Chris DeWreede - Vancouver, BC Canada

I became involved with the Healing Tao over ten years ago through an interest in maximizing my personal health and well-being.  I soon realized that the meditation process went far beyond just having good health and decided to practice regularly to see where it would lead me.  I have been practicing ever since.  I have built a music program from the ground up so it is now a major force, where previously there was nothing.  I am interested in being a member of the board of directors in order to fulfill my potential as a meditation practitioner in the practical world by being directly involved in helping to administrate an organization that has given me so much over the past 14 years.  I would like to see the HTIA regain its presence in North America and the world as a positive influence in creating change in people's lives

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