Message from your HTIA president:

HTIA members,

Happy New Year of the Goat and blessings for a joyous, healthy and prosperous year.

I would like to update you on some HTIA Board - current news for 2015.

In 2014, our HTIA Board voted unanimously to draft a new set of HTIA Bylaws.  Our current bylaws are very vague and conflicting in many areas, and because of this we have remained a "de facto" organization for many years.

We voted to hire Berkley Freeman to create the bylaws because Berkley has an intimate understanding of the needs of our organization since he helped write the draft of our original bylaws and as our lawyer Berkley has attended many of our meetings and has first hand knowledge of how we do business.  Berkley has also been the lawyer of the National Qigong Association for many years and wrote their bylaws as well.

Berkley has worked many hours for free, beyond the terms of his contract and he has agreed to help us finish the job in the next few weeks.

At our last Board meeting in February, the Board members voted on and passed a motion to have your new Bylaws completed and approved by the membership before the new board will take office.

All HTIA members will have opportunity for input in this new draft of Bylaws.

With this major job accomplished, the current HTIA Board will turn towards a new beginning for HTIA.  As you will soon see, these bylaws fill in many of the missing details of our old bylaws and will allow us to finally attain "de jure" status.

Given our history and experience and under the advice of our HTIA lawyer, the majority of the HTIA Board members also voted and passed a motion to have the new board consist of seven members.

For several reasons, the majority of the board agreed this was the wisest choice for our small organization.

In other news, we have a great new website and I hope everyone is taking advantage of its many possibilities.

Also. back in 2006 our filing status with the IRS changed. Because of the size and scope of our organization, we were no longer required to fill out a 990 each year. However, we were required to fill out a simple postcard each year. This just informed the IRS we were still alive and well. Our treasurer at that time was not aware of this requirement, so eventually the IRS thought we had become defunct and we lost our non-profit status back in 2010.

As a result, I have been working with a tax attorney to resolve our back taxes and re-establish our non-profit status. I am hoping to have the bulk of this work accomplished before the next board term.

I look forward to bringing you good news as our membership and organization progresses.


HTIA President
Ted Doras

Our HTIA Mission statement continues to be:
To support Healing Tao instructors in promoting cultivation of the life force through Taoist qigong and inner Alchemy meditation. The HTIA will accomplish its mission by:  Maintaining high standards and training for Healing Tao instructors, practitioners and interested students.  Strengthening relations between Healing Tao Instructors Association of the Americas and Master Mantak Chia and his affiliates as well as the global Tao community.  Promoting the Healing Tao system as originally taught by Master Mantak Chia and other Tao practices.  Supporting the Tao community with a democratically elected board, whose activities include education, certification, sharing of information & research, ethical standards, referral system, newsletter, website, advertising, publicity, annual meetings, training and retreats.