New HTIA Board of Directors 2015

Dear Healing Tao Instructor,
We embrace with our hearts all the members of the HTIA as we announce the results of our first board meeting.  We look forward to restoring harmony at this critical time where some people did not vote, felt confused or that it was not the right way.  We are focused on giving our best as we bring fresh energy to face the work ahead in serving our members.
EXECUTIVE.  We elected our Executive Committee officers, who will serve one year:

  1. President:  Karin Sörvik. Senior Instructor
  2. Vice-President:  Steven Peterson.  He has 20 years experience in Tao arts.  He brings strong business and marketing skills to this board.
  3. Secretary:  Chris Dewreede.  He has been cultivating One Cloud's formulas for 20 years.
  4. Treasurer:  Ji Hea Kim.  She has spent a lot of time at Tao Garden and recently opened her own Healing Arts Center in San Diego.

Short bio of all the new board members can be found in the Newsletters:
TERMS of office.  Members volunteered to divide themselves into three groups. Each group will serve for one, two, or three years as required by the bylaws. 
COMMITTEES. The chairperson and members were chosen for the major committees. We invite all members to join our committees as a way to serve our mission   If you are interested in serving, email Secretary Chris Dewreede and he will direct you to the right person:  <>
Committees that we need volunteers for:
Marketing & Outreach
DUES. We voted to keep dues reduced from $75. down to $45.  We voted to lower dues to $25 for instructors who live in Latin America.
BYLAWS FORUM. We are setting up a list-serve forum that will email to all members one bylaws topic per week for public comment & discussion 
VIDEO: We approved making a short film on the Joy of Sharing the Healing Tao practices that every instructor can use.
We're here to listen to your needs, to be of service.

Love and Light,
Karin Sörvik
HTIA President