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New Standards for Healing Tao

The Council-of-Nine, a governing body of Universal Healing Tao, is almost ready to publish new standards for instructor certifications. The goals are unification of standards, so that instructors around the world are teaching similar practices. While we should wait to see exactly what the standards are, these standards are a crucial step towards maintaining the unity of the Healing Tao teachings.

I have experience in working with standards through my many years in the martial arts. One of my great teachers was Master Ngo Dong, a Vietnamese man who created his own style, called Cuong-Nhu out of a fusion of Shotokan, Judo, Tai Chi, and other styles. In similar ways to Healing Tao, Cuong Nhu continued to evolve because the Master continually improved the teaching curriculum. He added new techniques, new forms, and new requirements every year, for different ranks. Cuong Nhu grew and expanded all over the world. But this expansion and improvement led to some challenges. People who were testing for an advanced degree sometimes learned that requirements for earlier ranks had changed, so unexpectedly had to go and learn new things. And students who moved to another state or country sometimes found an older version of the curriculum being taught. This led to several strategies on maintaining standards and a sense of community among far-flung practitioners.
1) Written Manuals: Instructors working with the Master created a series of written manuals outlining the techniques.

2) Annual Training Camps: Once per year, a low-cost training camp was organized for all practitioners (instructors and students). These training camps kept people connected, up-to-date, and fostered a strong sense of community.

3) Testing by Outside Instructors: By convention, tests for advanced ranks were conducted by instructors from other schools, not the student's primary instructor.  This helps instructors reach consensus on balancing absolute requirements versus stylistic variations.

Even with these strategies, maintaining Cuong Nhu standards was never perfect and was as much art as science. Allowances were made when a written manual was out of date, and for schools in remote areas that had a hard time getting outside instructors to conduct tests.  A certain amount of differences between instructors were also accepted. For example, a Chinese instructor in Washington DC augmented the curriculum with more emphasis on Tai Chi forms. In a way, these variations made the style stronger because different schools would 'show off' their variations at the annual training camp and spark new interest in new areas. A number of new techniques and practices were introduced into the style this way.

So, based on my earlier experience, I support the process of establishing standards in Healing Tao, but offer that it is not something that is ever finished and that we must keep flexible. Maintaining standards is a constant process of tuning and allowing for variations. And change is not always easy, but through work and lots of inner-smiling, we can look forward to new challenges.
- Steven Peterson, Vice President of HTIA

Bone Marrow Breathing (part II)

(Edited down from a chapter of the unpublished book by Raven Cohan. The Title is sequestered until the book is ready for publication.)

…Staying healthy or regaining health is dependent upon your research.  Here are some specifics to consider offered below:
"The Thyroid Nodule Epidemic" by Jeffrey Dach MD is an article by Dr. Jeff who is a friend and student of mine. The entirety can be found on his web site archives: . In it he states:
"Perhaps this whole problem is caused by incorrect terminal
ogy used by the pathologist who reviews the biopsy slide and uses the word "cancer", a word that strikes fear and creates undue stress. Once a pathology report with the word "cancer" is placed on the desk, rationality gets thrown out the window, and the patient demands aggressive treatment, usually out of proportion to the actual pathology.  In the 2003 issue of the International Journal of Surgical Pathology, Dr Rosai presented the Porto Proposal , in which he proposed a change in terminology. Instead of CANCER, he suggested the terminology, papillary micro-tumor. Others (Hazard et al.) proposed "non-encapsulated thyroid tumor" because "the surgeon may become unduly alarmed when the pathologist reports the presence of carcinoma." Harach et al. proposed the term “occult papillary tumor."  In order to avoid unnecessary operations and serious psychological effects on patients."

Although bone marrow breathing is for improving all cells and conditions, it is important that people know about “negative hexing”. This is why I included this piece from Dr. Jeff Dach which sites this common instance of fear inducing, (accidently brought about by doctors within one particular diagnosis.) Normal cells are 'listening' to negativity and are co-operating with images the host is putting out on a daily basis for years and years. Â The cancer patient might tend to behave in a way that is representative of a long held belief system. This is similar to how a child often becomes worse in his behavior when a parent constantly is pointing out weak habits and calling them “bad”.

When doctors tell a patient that they only have a prescribed number of years or months to live and when doctors describe results of tests and tell patients that their bones are FULL of cancer cells, the patient begins settling into a structure of  “truth” they have been handed. Their ability to entrain the bone marrow to become healthy, may be sabotaged by doctors  who need to cover their fear that a patient might have “expectations that are unrealistic”. Too bad many doctors and scientists think in this way. Are they greatly discouraging the chances of their patients living a full life? When filled with too much fear, this “negative hexing” boggs down the normal facility people have to simply heal. This is being studied at length by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, particularly Lynne Mc Taggart, author of The Field and The Intention Experiment.

The actress, Susan Sommers, after a false diagnosis of breast cancer, researched greatly and wrote a book about various ways to heal. She was astounded by the false diagnosis. You can read her interview by Larry King. Dr. Jeff Dach has accessed it on to his website mentioned above.  I hope to get Sommer’s book to see if she has included Nei Gung practices as an alternate healing support for true diagnoses of cancer. 

Similar information that is being studied in China enables patients to trust why the many Medicine-less Hospitals get great results. Patients go there from all over the world as a last recourse. Western Medicine doctors might have given up and said, "There is nothing more I can do for you." In Medicine-less hospitals and with other chi kung healers, worldwide, patients are enabled by the healer with extra positive and highly developed chi energy to do exercises and meditations where they at last feel empowered to play with the potential of their healing chi. Students work around the clock by themselves and with groups of healers entraining the bone marrow stem cells to become the vessels of healing they are meant to be. (They work on other areas as well.) I believe researchers and doctors will eventually be awed by bone marrow stem cell pliability and programmability. 

Not waiting until a negative pronouncement by a doctor is made, but using the positive, relaxed and good feelings of the specific rendering of Bone Marrow Nei Gung meditation, is a gift you give yourself.  (I do it as taught to me by Master Mantak Chia¦ every day. At this point in my development I only need do five minutes of it in and amongst a few hours of other practices. I continue in the final state with some other practices while staying in bliss obtained by breathing into the bones.) Particularly cancer patients will train with the exercises given in this book, to develop your power to see and activate empowered energy of your stem cells in the bone marrow. Awaken a “sense” that you are giving yourself an energetic bone marrow “transfusion”. You are “seeing” the existent stem cells that are in good shape and you are making a template image that you duplicate in the right ratio. You copy and enhance it, (like in a word processor.) Master Chia says, "Learn to see your cells."  
You are enhancing your bones by tapping into powerful and colorful light energy “medicine” that is always available in the Universe, Earth and Cosmos. By asking every step of the way that you practice to “have the power to see the cells”, you begin to see and bring in the colorful medicine to the bone marrow. You don’t at first, or possibly ever, have to develop the skill to literally see your bone marrow. Some people can just speak with intention strongly enough and obtain the same powerful results.  Others can leave it to faith, (specific or general,) that improvements are ordered so that with practice, healthy cells can materialize newly. According to your condition, your intention can be to maximize the right  numbers of healthy cells in your bones. You can more simply and safely intend that the ratio for you is enabling your balanced functioning to be normally harmonious. Practice will increase your health. Enable and trust  it to “kick in”. Relax and be happy to attend to yourself.  (Eventually, a short practice is enough to maintain this perfect balance for someone who does not have cancer. If a person’s cells have been off balance and you have been diagnosed with low or high cancer cell production then do your best to practice more continually through the day.)  You do well to learn many of the relaxation and improvement skills presented in Mantak Chia’s books and classes.
Raven Cohan lives in Hollywood, FL., She is a Senior Instructor since 2010 and was in the first class of certified Instructors in NYC in 1983. Please see her website: or phone her @ 954.927.2836