Happy Solstice!

Dear Members,

Wishing you all a Happy Solstice and lets make the best of 2016!
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Here is a poem by  one of our Senior Instructors Rene Navarro

    In an empty sky, a wine-gourd
    Beside you, and write these
    Lines you set, like peach blossoms,
    On the flowing river. You whip your sword
    Flashing with moonlight: I hear
    The ping of dragon steel trailing
    In the pines. Movements of sword

    Dance: Circles of phoenixes flying
    In the night, floating gossamer
    Scarves of silk. Here, in
    Du-Fu's retreat, your laughter
    Trembles with the water on the
    Pond. I see the shimmer of your
    Voice, bouncing from reflecting
    Pool to green bamboo leaves,
    From wooden bridge to the
    Stupa on the hill. 

By Rene J. Navarro

RJN © 2015

Love and Light
Karin Sorvik