Happy New Year of the Fire Monkey!

New Moon brings forth a cleansing, the fresh winds blowing heralding change ahead. Tap the source to access our original fount. With vision and focus we can let it flow. And into the New Monkey Year we go! 

Dear Members

2016 is a  9-year.In numerology the number 9 holds the vibration of completion. So lets finish our bylaws by joining the forum, submit an article to share your talent or insights and together we can build a thriving HTIA Community .

Sorry if you had trouble with the website. It was hacked but now is fixed and upgraded some features like adding videos and pictures to your bio. We have a $20 discount coupon for non US using the code EXTRANJEROS16.  So here is a friendly reminder to pay your dues.

Don't wait anymore! Discount for Gran Master Chia Teacher training ends at the end of February. It's a great opportunity to upgrade to full instructor. Bring your students and you'll get tuition free. http://eastover.com/mantak-chia.html

Love and Light