HTIA is Accepting Nominations
for Board of Directors

The Nominations Committee invites you to nominate yourself or a worthy instructor you admire to run for office to serve as a board director of the HTIA.
The only requirements are:
1. You are a current dues paid member ($45. year) of the HTIA. It is NOT a requirement that you are actively teaching.
2. Submit a short description of your experience in the Healing Tao (few paragraphs, areas of interest, kind of teaching you prefer, length of time certified, etc.)
3. Describe your primary motivation to serve on the HTIA board.
It’s that simple! You are on your Way to serving the Most High Tao in a new pathway.
You’ll be working with a wonderful group of other high-minded instructors who are committed to being guardians for this precious process of Qi Cultivation.
Things to know about the HTIA election process:
a. Online election will be held in June 2017. Next election is June 2019 (two years).
b. Board has 9 members currently, and four or five will step down to make room for new leadership blood.
c. Term of Office is four years (default), but you can opt out after two years, and be replaced at the next two year election.
d. Board members are expected to serve on one or more committees of the HTIA, which is great fun and a creative challenge to help grow the Tao.
e. Board meets 4 to 6 times a year, by phone conferences that last about 2 hours. It’s NOT a heavy demand on your time.
f. The Nominations Committee, which is a mix of board and non-board members, will review all applications and send the best to the board for final approval.
g. If there are more nominations than positions open, the runner-ups in the June election (by number of votes) will be placed on Alternate Board Member list. If someone else quits or retires, you will be first choice to replace them.
h. Board members receive no cash salary, but are paid handsomely in Highly Fulfilling  Qi!
Please send your nominations to Sam Dwyer  at s50ma15@yahoo.com.  If you are nominating someone else, we will contact them to see if they accept.
Thank you considering joining the Leadership of the HTIA.
Love & Light,
Karin Sorvik
President, HTIA

PS there was some delays due to malfunction of the website so now we are able to receive dues and database is up to date