Dear HITA Members

July 7 we will have our election day! You'll receive an e mail from the online voting with the instructions on how to vote.

Please remember to pay your dues so that you can be part of the process.  
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Looking forward to Election day, when we exercise our democratic process to keep renewing our board and new blood comes in to continue the work.

Happy to have served for this last two years. I thank you  all for your confidence in me and I thank the board for their work as I pass the torch to the new president.

Love and Light
Karin Sorvik



Deanna McLaughlin
I discovered the Tao when working as an Art Therapist in the late 80-s.  I transferred the philosophy of the Tao Te Ching into my approach of working with my patients.  Cancer at the age of 25 &27 woke me even further to the path I wanted to follow.  I left my job, moved to Philadelphia for Grad school and as if it were intended, found a man who was teaching Taoist yoga.  I was hooked after the first class.  I am still grateful to the first Sifu who put me on the path to learning about Mantak Chia.  Twenty four years later  my dedication has only deepened.  I love sharing with others the teachings of the practice to enhance their own awareness.  I still feel like I have only scratched the surface of all the Healing Tao has to offer.   I am an educator by profession and a visual artist.  As a board member my intention will be to assist in broadening the communication to our community to enhance our understanding of each other’s strengths .

Joy Black

​Hello - my name is Joy Black. I live in Richmond, Virginia, U.S., where I teach Qigong and have a Medical Qigong practice under the name: Joy Black - Medical Qigong & Mind-Body Practice. You can visit my website at
I have studied energy work and self healing since 2003, and discovered Mantak Chia's teachings in 2007. His self-care and self-cultivation practices made such an improvement to my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health that I felt I had to share them with others. I became a certified instructor in 2012. I continue to study and personally benefit from the practices, and that has been deepened by helping my students do the same. I have just turned 63 years of age.
What I could bring to the board:
I do not have board experience, but I recently left a nearly 40-year career in graphic design and corporate communications. I have held many positions - from entry-level through management - at small businesses and large corporations. I have worked with a variety of people and personalities, and I take my responsibilities seriously. I would be happy to serve on the HTIA board if elected.

Joseph Roesch

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to give back as best as I can and support the HTIA . I have many years of service immersed within our culture as well as a professional career within the business world. My life journey started in 1980  as a formless desire in exploring the then unknown Easter Arts.  In 1996 I founded a martial arts program ,though a local community in Troy Michigan,  for children which remains active today. I consider myself both student and educator just as we would Ying/Yang, I am currently employed as a Senior Solution Consultant for Oracle. Clearly my favorite and most challenging day job to date:  I get to travel the US and meet interesting people and educate them in modern financial systems. I'm married and have a BBA in Accounting and Masters in Finance.. My hobbies revolve around music and travel. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that it's a challenge "Living in the Tao", balancing both work and Qigong as I have not a set schedule or structured work week., With a little help from the Tao I hope for a full recovery!

Mary Ellen Derwis
Mary Ellen Derwis, Lmt. has 25+ years of experience as a licensed Masso-therapist. She is a graduate of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute and is a Universal Healing Tao Full Instructor of Chi Nei Tsang, Chi Kung & Tao Yin, and a practitioner of deep body work Tok Sen and Guasa. She blends eastern and western wellness philosophies into a form that is user friendly for each individual.  She is dedicated to the Tao and all the richness that it brings into our lives. NCBTMB provider 451057.

Terry Farrell

My name is Terry Farrell and I teach Tai Qi and Qi Gong under the name Greentiger. I live in Newmarket near Toronto Canada.
I've been studying Tai Qi since 1973 when I was 23 years old and I'm currently 66 years old. I found GM Chia in 1983 and have aligned, followed and taught his teachings since then. I have been a member of HTIA for about 15-20 years.
I have participated in many boards over my lifetime including lthis HTIA board. I bring the qualities of keenness, availability and ability to follow through with projects to completion.

Joys of a Qigong Lifestyle

A personal Qigong practice can transform your life and open new possibilities. As with any practice, a community of support and friendship provides strength and integrity and multiplies the joy. The power of practicing Qigong in a group cannot be understated. We celebrate the seasons together. Breathing and moving together we experience the true feeling of oneness and a joyful connection with nature. Body language never lies. Moving with someone we entertain and feel their presence beyond words. Our defenses can relax and friendships are nourished in a safe, sacred space. As a teacher of Qigong, I have witnessed groups of people becoming close, and building spiritual family. Postures demonstrate integrity as individuals uphold the community and the teachings.
Celebrating the shifts in the seasons and life passages, we multiply joy and compassion together. Our noble intention for our practice is the best possible healing for all beings. The universe responds with loving kindness and we inspire each other to live with wisdom, love and compassion.
Would you like to learn more about the transformative power of Qigong? Would you like to experience the joy of living a Qigong lifestyle and increase your wellbeing and vitality by easefully accessing natural universal forces? I warmly invite you to join us this summer for a one month immersion in Qigong training! There is a rising movement towards peace, conscious awareness, and authentic wellbeing. Ride this new wave! For more information see our website:​

Minke de Vos