It is our pleasure to welcome current, new, and former members to the Healing Tao Instructors Association (HTIA). We are pleased you have chosen to be part of this professional organization and we look forward to everyone’s active involvement and growth.
We apologize for the delay in getting out this first newsletter from a newly elected board. With your contributions, we hope to send 3-4 newsletters every year. Please know we are very busy behind the scenes working on new improvements to the HTIA – including a new website!
Our mission is to serve each of you as we Spring into a new cycle of teaching Taoist Qi arts and sciences. Together may we all spread good health, fun, spiritual growth, and Qi-infused well-being.
Video – Joys of Teaching the Healing Tao

It’s amazing the HTIA went 27 years without ever having its own promotional video. We now have a 6 minute+ professionally made video, Joys of Teaching the Healing Tao. Directed by and donated to the HTIA by Michael Winn, it’s packed with powerful testimonials and qigong demonstrations by different instructors.
It will move you to feel even more joy in your teaching. It will be a magnet for students considering certification. It addresses minor fears and hesitations often felt by new teachers. Give it a watch and feel inspired. 
All HTIA members are encouraged to post this lovely video to their site. It will enhance your own offerings. (No editing of video is allowed, thanks!).
LINK to DOWNLOAD VIDEO (from filmmaker’s site):

HTIA Mission & Vision Statements

From our NEW By-laws – please take time to read. You’ll be re-inspired why you became a Healing Tao instructor.
The HTIA MISSION is to support Healing Tao instructors and their students in cultivating the life force through Taoist Qi arts and sciences such as qigong (chi kung), energy healing, and inner alchemy meditation.
HTIA VISION - How we accomplish our Mission:
A. SELF-CULTIVATION. To apply Taoist qigong knowledge and meditation through practices and programs to develop human well-being with radiant physical health, longevity, self-empowerment, community harmony, and grounded spiritual self-realization; to embrace the Taoist principle of cultivating one’s Inner Sage by alchemically integrating and refining the personal body-mind, the soul’s Energy Body, and the collective Spirit Body of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity.
B. SERVICE TO SOCIETY. To promote research, education programs, and  practices that sustain and enhance the growth of ancient Taoist spiritual sciences adapted to serve modern needs. To evolve a self-directed and heart-centered energetic science known as the Healing Tao system that complements and completes modern material-biochemical sciences.    
C. HONOR LINEAGE. To honor the inner alchemy teachings of Taoist adept One Cloud; to honor Mantak Chia as founder of Healing Tao system; to honor all Taoists who evolve this lineage.
D.  GLOBAL HEALING. To disseminate Taoist qigong, energy healing and meditation methods to maximize its beneficial impact on human populations, institutions, cultures, and ecosystems throughout the world, including distressed areas.   
E. SHARE TAO PRINCIPLES. To support organizations, individuals, and businesses aligned with Taoist principles and nurture their public and private Qi-cultivation activities in chosen geographical areas throughout the world.

New Board Members

The new board began working together at end of last summer. Officers were elected, and committees were joined after surveying the work to be done. Under the new bylaws, we have elections every two years. Please be thinking about joining us in the future!
We thank the four Directors who stepped down: Karin Sorvik, Minke de Vos, Andres and Michelle Vergaras.
Here are the nine board members, who are eager to fulfill the HTIA mission:
Board Directors elected to Executive Committee
     Steven Peterson – President, chair Mentoring
     Michael Winn – VP, co-chair Certification, Bylaws
     Chris Dewreede – Secretary
     Joseph Roesch – Treasurer
Other Board Directors       
     Joy Black, chair Newsletter              
     Mary Ellen Derwis, chair Marketing  
     Terry Farrell, chair Membership
     Ji Hea Kim, chair Condo
     Jill Rowland
New Website coming on Wild Orchid!
Our old site had many glitches and required expensive maintenance. The board voted to move to a service company called Wild Orchid that offers turn-key sites designed for organizations.
Terry Farrell is over-seeing the transfer, which is in process currently. Please be patient with defects that still exist on the old site. Certification standards have changed but are not yet updated (will be on new site).
Updates will be shared on the HTIA website and in future newsletters. It’s important that all members post a link on your own website to our website, www.healing-tao.org. This increases traffic and benefits everyone.
All HTIA members are eligible for a free listing in the on-line directory on the HTIA website: http://www.healing-tao.org/. Once you become a member, you will be able to log in to the HTIA website and create your entry. Potential students can easily search for instructors in their areas.

Invitation to GET INVOLVED: Join a Committee!
Membership in HTIA gurantees our highest level of freedom in choosing our destiny as modern Taoists and teachers. It promotes high standards of Ethics and helps prevent non-certified teachers from advertising in your area. It gives each of us the opportunity to shape the direction of this organization. Together we create a powerful Qi field.
Your skills, experience, and constructive input are requested to help this new board support the HTIA mission. You know first-hand the challenges and needs faced by Healing Tao instructors and students.
 Please take a moment to consider how you might contribute to improving this professional organization for all. We invite you to volunteer for a committee in your area of expertise – consider how this supportive role can be a personal- and professional-growth opportunity.
List of Standing Committees
       (1)      Nominations Committee
       (2) Certification Committee
       (3) Website Committee
       (4)     Newsletter Committee
        (5) Membership Committee
      (6)     Bylaws Committee
        (7) Marketing Committee
       (8) Mentoring Committee
       (9) Ethics Committee
Share your questions, suggestions for improvement, and creative ideas – or discuss volunteer opportunities – by contacting HTIAmembership@gmail.com
Newsletter: Please Share Your Genius!
Your ideas for topics, articles, and inspiring stories about teaching qigong are welcomed by the newsletter staff. If you have proven writing skills, your writing is welcomed; if you don’t, you can submit the idea or story and we will interview you.
Maximum length: 500 words
Send to: Joy Black, joycblack@gmail.com                                    
DUES. Staying current on the very minimal $45 annual membership dues will help the organization grow and improve its benefits to Healing Tao instructors.
You can send $45 to HTIA's PayPal account directly.  Go to PayPal website www.paypal.com to do this, and select pay to friend (no fees) and put in the htia.dues@gmail.com address.
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