• Non-Member Rates

Non-Member Rates

The HTIA also rents out to non-members at normal residency charges.

These residency charges are charged by the Tao Garden staff.

All prices at Tao Garden are priced in Thai Baht, which is the currency of Thailand and has a fluctuating exchange rate with US Dollars.  The current exchange rate (as of January 8, 2015) is 1 US Dollar = 32.87 Thai Baht

Current Regular Rates (rental only):

  • High Season (Nov 1, 2014 – Mar 31, 2015):
  • Single:  4400 Baht per night 
  • Double:  3200 Baht per person to share the room, per night 
  • Green Season (Apr 1, 2015– Oct 31, 2015):
    Single:  4000 Baht per night
    Double:  2900 Baht per person to share the room, per night

*Children between 6-12 years of age receive a 20% discount.  Children between 1-6 years of age are charged 400 Baht per day for meals only.

If someone returns to the same room as a returning guest, they will get a 10-20% discount to their weekly rate.  Returning guests could get up to 50% discount if they reserve by the month.

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