• Member Procedures

Member Reservations

Reservation Procedures for HTIA Dues Paying Members:

  1. Contact the current HTIA condo representative:  Ji Hea Kim
  2. In your email, express interest in reserving the HTIA condo for your stay.
  3. Once the HTIA condo representative verifies that you are a current dues-paying member, you will be checked against a calendar of reservations to make sure that the condo is free during this time.  
  4. If the condo is indeed free during this time, then it can be reserved for your stay.
  5. Once it has been determined that the condo is available for you, and that you want it for the time specified, the HTIA condo representative will do the reservation at Tao Garden for you.  Neither Tao Garden nor the HTIA wants you to reserve individually.  It is the HTIA condo representative that must do the reservation.
  6. Members may bring a guest (who may or may not be taking courses) to share the condo with.  Please let the HTIA condo representative know if you will be bringing a guest.
  7. This process will allow you book the condo up to 1 weeks RENT-FREE.
  8. (please see the Additional Important Rules section for exclusions as to what is free in your booking—below)
  9. If you are interested in staying longer than 1 weeks, you also have the option of staying longer for a NOMINAL FEE payable to HTIA (see below).  Details below.


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