Other Info


  • HTIA Members (and their guests):  250 Baht per meal per person
  • Non-members:  390 per meal per person

Fees and Services:

To both HTIA members staying in the condo, as well as non-members that are paying residence fees, Tao Garden charges the following in fees:

  1. Daily service fee of 60 Baht
  2. Electricity usage of 6 Baht per unit used.

Note:   Electrical outlets take American-style plugs, but the voltage is different.  It is 220 volts, 50 Hertz as opposed to 120 volts, 60 Hertz.  Many laptop power cords have built-in rectangular transformer that will adjust for this, and you can simply plug it in directly.  However, major other smaller devices with just a cord, would need a transformer adapter before plugging them in.

Shuttle Service from Airport:

Tao Garden is located in Luang Nua Village, outside of Doi Soket, Thailand.  This is a 30-min taxi ride from Chiang Mai airport.  Tao Garden can provide a shuttle service (with advance warning on reservation) between Chiang Mai airport (CNX) and Tao Garden.  

  • Cost for shuttle:  650 Baht per way per person


For those taking retreats, the tuition costs for the retreats vary from retreat to retreat.  As an example, Master Chia's retreats during the winter 2014/2015
(all-inclusive:  tuition, food, condo room) are 50,370 Baht per week, and during the summer 2015 are 47250 Baht per week.  For those HTIA Dues-Paying members that are staying in the condo, subtract off the daily cost of the regular room rate above to get an estimate of your charges (fees and services separate)

Tao Garden Health Clinic:

These are described in the Pakua Health Clinic brochures.  They are charged via ala carte pricing.  You can schedule these directly with the Pakua Health Clinic while you are there, most often the same day.

Additional Discounts:

People staying in the condo will get a 20% discount on all treatments taken at  the Pakua Health Clinic, all Master Chia retreats, and all Universal Tao products purchased in the bookstore.

Course rates and service fees are subject to change by Tao Garden.