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HTIA Condo at Tao Garden Resort & Spa Thailand

HTIA owns a condo at Tao Garden near Chiang Mai, Thailand! Thus any HTIA member traveling to Tao Garden, whose dues are in good standing (see criteria inside), may be able to stay in our condo for free!


  • The condo has a private entrance. It is “room C201” in a large building with many other external entrances to other condos, something akin to what one might expect from a motel. However, as you can see from the pictures above, our condo is more than a simple motel room.
  • The condo is considered a standard category room, i.e. 2-star room. Tao Garden offers rooms from 1-star up to 4-star.
  • The room contains a queen-sized bed, which can accommodate 1 or 2 people. It is flanked by two nightstands and bed lamps.
  • The room also contains a day bed. This can be used for relaxing, or potentially for sleeping if you book the room with a guest who does not want to share the main queen-sized bed. It is located in a beautiful balcony area to which one is surrounded by windows that view the grounds outside.
  • The room contains a work desk and chair. For guests who bring their laptop computer (or other work), this is a prime location to accommodate you.
  • A small tea table with two chairs that can be used for socializing, drinking tea, and/or reading is also contained within our condo.
  • Another table with tea cups, water glasses, and water pitcher is at easy access inside our condo. Just outside the condo--in the courtyard--is a multigallon water cooler of fresh filtered water that is kept full for all guests.
  • Yet, the condo still has some floor space for qigong, tai chi, yoga, or meditation.
  • The condo also contains a private bathroom with shower, toilet, and sink.
  • The condo contains an air-conditioning unit, programmable to temperature desired. Guests will pay a separate fee for electricity use.

We invite you to look at photos of the Condo and area:


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