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HTIA “Full” Instructor Training:  210 to 240 Hours Total

PATH A: 210 Training hours includes 105 hours for Associate Instructor. To upgrade from Associate to HTIA Instructor, an extra 105 hours minimum are needed (many train extra weeks to strengthen skills). Please review Associate Instructor requirements.

The extra 105 hours may be filled by 3 week long retreats (5 days x 7 hours = 35 hours per retreat), weekend workshops (2 days x 7 hours = 14 hours each) or private sessions, taught by senior, full, or associate Instructors.  Homestudy DVD or webinar instruction is not applicable (see exceptions under Associate Instructor).  When the 105 hours are completed, you will receive an automatic upgrade (no test required). Please pay a $50 upgrade fee to the HTIA, plus $25. fee for new certificate.  HTIA certificates may be issued by an authorized school that trained you, and generally are mailed to your home address.

PATH B: Applicants may take 240 hours to certify directly as HTIA Instructor (without first becoming an Associate). This requires an extra 30 hours and total one year’s practice time is required (exceptions considered by Senior mentor). This 240 hours must still meet all the Associate Instructor requirements, including 35 hours training in Tao Basics/Qigong Fundamentals with a senior instructor, an interview. Trainings should cover different skills, no excessive repetition of any one topic. 

Path A or B MANDATORY CORE TRAINING (126 hours minimum): 70 hours of Healing Tao Basics/Qigong Fundamentals (half with a Senior (from Associate requirements), plus 14 hours Iron Shirt 1 or Bone Rooting & Internal Qi Breathing); total 28 hours of Fusion 1-2-3, 14 hours Tai Chi Qigong or Primordial Tai Chi, and 14 hours Healing Love. This ensures all Instructors have a good overview of key practices in the Healing Tao system.

OPTIONAL TRAINING (up to 116 hours for Path B): Tao Yin, Primordial Qigong, Taoist Astrology, Iron Shirt 2 $ 3 (Tendon and Bone Marrow Nei Gong), Buddha Palm, Deep Healing Qigong, Five Animals Qigong, Eight Extraordinary Vessels Qigong, Cosmic Healing I, Tai Chi Qigong 2 & 3, Chi Nei Tsang I. (If you take more Mandatory Core hours, it reduces Optional training hours requirement).

Note: Kan & Li training hours (Water & Fire Inner Alchemy) do NOT count toward Instructor requirements. They are considered higher level courses. You may seek certification in them AFTER you have become a (full) Instructor.

STUDY WITH LOCALS. If you reside in North America, of the 210 to 240 hours, a maximum of 70 hours (2 weeks retreat) can be taken with Mantak Chia or UHT instructors abroad. We require 140-170 hours with local HTIA instructors so we get to know you before certifying you to join our high quality community.

FOREIGNER REQUIREMENTS. Those living outside North/South Americas may join the HTIA, with lower annual dues. Their hours may come from any UHT or HTIA instructor. We encourage all instructors to take a live training with Healing Tao system founder Mantak Chia. This is not mandatory; we recognize many face geographic and travel limitations. 

LEARN BY TEACHING. The most important aspect of any training is that new instructors get out and teach others. Not-yet-certified students MAY teach others in order to gain practical experience. They cannot use HTIA trademarked names or advertise themselves as certified, and the hours taught do not count towards certification of  their students.

CONTINUING EDUCATION. All instructors must take at least 14 hours every two years (one weekend workshop) to be kept on the active list of instructors.  We encourage you to actively pursue additional certifications in special topics so that you can teach them.

Healing Tao Instructors Association of the Americas is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. POB 601, Asheville, NC, 28801

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