Instructors Association

The MISSION of Healing Tao Instructors Association is to support Healing Tao instructors and their students in cultivating the life force through Taoist Qi arts and sciences such as qigong (chi kung), energy healing and inner alchemy meditation.


  VISION of the HTIA:

A. SELF -CULTIVATION. To apply Taoist qigong knowledge and meditation through practices and programs to develop human well-being with radiant physical health, longevity, self-empowerment, community harmony, and grounded spiritual self-realization; to embrace the Taoist principle of cultivating one’s Inner Sage by alchemically integrating and refining the personal body-mind, the soul’s Energy Body, and the collective Spirit Body of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity.

B. SERVICE TO SOCIETY. To promote research, education programs, and practices that sustain and enhance the growth of ancient Taoist spiritual sciences adapted to serve modern needs. To evolve a self-directed and heart-centered energetic science known as the Healing Tao system that complements and completes modern material-biochemical sciences.

C. HONOR LINEAGE. To honor the inner alchemy teachings of Taoist adept One Cloud; to honor Mantak Chia as founder of Healing Tao system; to honor all Taoists who evolve this lineage;

D. GLOBAL HEALING. To disseminate Taoist qigong, energy healing and meditation methods to maximize its beneficial impact on human populations, institutions, cultures, and ecosystems throughout the world, including distressed areas;

E. SHARE TAO PRINCIPLES. To support organizations, individuals, and businesses aligned with Taoist principles and nurture their public and private Qi-cultivation activities in chosen geographical areas throughout the world;


GOALS. HTIA Mission and Vision shall be accomplished through practical goals:

(1) TRAINING. Maintain high training standards and certification in various branches of Qi arts and sciences for Healing Tao Instructors and their students.

(2) TAO NETWORK. Strengthen relations on a basis of mutual respect and benefit between the HTIA, Mantak Chia, the Universal Healing Tao (UHT), and other Tao organizations. Any HTIA affiliation within the global Tao community to further its mission shall preserve the HTIA’s legal independence and sovereignty in all respects.

(3) SELF-MOTIVATED DEMOCRACY. Supporting the Tao community through a democratically elected Board of Directors and an instructor membership whose activities may include Taoist qigong, energy healing & inner alchemy education, certification, sharing of information and research, mentoring and business support, maintaining instructor and student ethical standards, an instructor referral system, newsletter, website, and support of meetings, trainings, conferences and retreats.

(4) HARMONY OF FIVE ELEMENTS. As a Taoist organization, we recognize the universal law of the Five Elements (aka 5 Phases) applies to our functioning as a harmonious team:

1. FIRE. President, Board of Directors, Seniors: Creative Leadership of Fire

2. WOOD. V.P. & Committee Chairs: Generous Support of Wood

3. METAL. Secretary & Newsletter Contributors: Discriminating Sharp Mind of Metal

4. WATER. Treasurer, Dues Payers, Donors, & Success of Instructors: Abundant Flow of Water

5. EARTH. All HTIA Members, Committee members: Solid Ground of Earth

Healing Tao Instructors Association of the Americas is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. POB 601, Asheville, NC, 28801

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