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  1. To teach anything beyond the Microcosmic Orbit Set, the Instructor must pass an upgrade certification test for each desired area.
  2. Only Instructors are eligible to take an upgrade certification test.  Associate Instructors must become Instructors first.
  3. The Instructor must have been an active dues-paying member of the HTIA for the previous year (late payments accepted).
  4. Each upgrade certification is a separate test.  There is a $50 testing fee  for taking the test.  At least one Senior Instructor must be present in the test.  If the test is passed, another $25  will need to be submitted to the HTIA for putting the information into the system.  You will receive an official HTIA certificate for your new upgrade.  It will be mailed to your home address if not completed by the time you leave your respective class.
  5. For people who have become Instructors (which gives you approval to teach the Microcosmic Orbit set), the usual next step is to work toward getting upgrade certifications in Iron Shirt 1, Tai Chi 1, Primordial Tai Chi, and Tao Yin.  These are the only certification upgrades that have no additional prerequisites.
  6. See the section on Iron Shirt 1  for more details on this upgrade.
  7. To be eligible to test for Fusion 1 or Healing Love, an applicant must already be certified in either Iron Shirt 1, Tai Chi 1, or Primordial Tai Chi.  Moreover, one must have already been an Instructor for a minimum of one year prior to this testing. One can not test for either Fusion 1  or Healing Love in the same year as becoming an Instructor. We want you to get grounded first by teaching core material.
  8. To be eligible to test for Iron Shirt 2  or Iron Shirt 3, an applicant must already be certified in Iron Shirt 1.   A minimum of six months must pass after Iron Shirt 1 certification before being eligible to test for Iron Shirt 2 or Iron Shirt 3.  Prior to upgrading, an additional 14 hours minimum of Iron Shirt 2/3 must be accumulated.

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